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Zingle Berry's at Fin-Alley Gifts
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Zingle Berrys Zingle-Berry's is an enchanting collection of heart-warming figurines featuring two typical families -The Zingle’s and the Berry's. The Zingle’s are named after flowers and the Berry's after berries, their endearing qualities echoed throughout families everywhere.
Created by Rich and Zina, ‘The Dingle’s in charge’, you’ll find a figurine for every occasion. You’re bound to recognize your favorite person amongst the Zingle’s or the Berry's, the delicate detailed sculptures capturing ‘a moment in time’ or an expression of affection, forever.

Hand cast, hand painted and hand numbered a Zingle-Berry stand’s about 4-5” high. Their authenticity is guaranteed by an engraved berry etched into the design and recent additions to the collection feature a hidden flower interwoven into the sculpture. Each piece comes complete with a certificate of authenticity. A matching greeting card and envelope reflect the sentiments of the figurine with a heartfelt message. A Zingle-Berry sculpture once received, is never forgotten.
Attention: This Line Has Been Discontinued By Pavilion Gift Co.
These Are The Pieces We Have Left.
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