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Isle Of Gramarye Faeries Fairies Mermaids at Fin-Alley Gifts
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The Isle Of Gramarye For the first time, the faeries and mermaids of the Isle of Gramarye are allowing their stories to be told, revealing their true identities with magical symbols, hidden within their keepsake boxes.

These beautiful treasures are hand crafted and hand painted in England, making each piece unique. They are made from crushed marble & resin. Their wings are made from English pewter and enameled in rainbows of translucent colors.

The Faeries have a way of only being seen by those who choose to see them!
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Damosel The Faeries of the Hidden Treasure
The faeries of the Isle of Gramarye are true faeries - not the pale imitations of children's stories. They have the power to do mischief as well as to do good, although they are held in check by Damosel, the first faerie.
Bells & Chimes The Faerie Children
None of the faerie children has a name. On the Isle of Gramarye, each faerie chooses a name as they grow and their calling upon the Isle becomes clear, whether it is to guard a particular vale or to take a special interest in a magical skill.

In the keepsake boxes of the faerie children, there are special symbols which represent all that these little beings need to stay safe and happy.
Mirari The Mermaids of the Silver Shore
Dragon The Avalon Inheritance
Each figurine of the Inheritance is entrusted with one of the treasures of Avalon. They must keep it safe until the day its power is most needed. They guard it with hidden symbols and secret runes from the ancient Celtic alphabet, and the deep magic that is the Isle of Gramarye itself.
Dragonfly The Elemental Sendings
A Sending is a spell that Reveries can create. Into some living creature they infuse power, and the creature then carries out their command. A Sending may carry a message - and it will not stop until its message is delivered - or it may be sent to carry out a task, in which case it will not stop until its task is done.
Alice's Dream Echoes Of Magic
The Unicorn Retired & Secondary