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Flight Of Fancy

Flight Of FancyFlight Of Fancy
Side Views

Flight Of Fancy
Rear View

Flight Of Fancy
Lid Removed

Flight Of Fancy -
Version 1

Artist: Peter Calvesbert
Item #: TJBI2
Made In England
Marble Dust & Resin
Release Date: May 2002
Retired: Mar 25, 2005
Dimensions: 3.1" h x 2" w
Edition Size: 4829


Flight Of Fancy

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Secrets:  Hornbills are famous for their unusual nesting habits. When Mr. and Mrs. decide its time for baby hornbills, the mother chooses a natural nesting cavity and then is sealed inside with a mixture mud and water, leaving a small slit for air and food. Dad’s job is to keep mom happy and well fed and his mate and chicks are completely dependent upon him at this time - if he is hunted or dies, the entire family will most likely not survive. This private couple tacked up a “Do not disturb” sign on their tree. In case of pregnancy cravings, bags of crisps and chocolate bars abound. “Cotswold Wildlife Park” inscribed on a branch refers to a park where Great Indian Hornbills live. “Cuckoo 17.4.02” refers to the date that Peter Calvesbert observed a cuckoo, back in England after migrating. The artist’s signature mouse checks out the view from the nesting cavity. The Version One interior shows the gear used by a keeper to retrieve a feather (which now has a place of pride in Peter Calvesbert’s studio). The infinity version interior shows hatching eggs.