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Fab 5 Party Boys

Fab 5 Party BoysFab 5 Party Boys
Front And Rear View

Fab 5 Party Boys
Other Side View

Fab 5 Party Boys
Lid Removed

Fab 5 Party Boys -
Charter Year Edition

Artist: Sherman Drackett
Item #: RWFABC
Made In England
Marble Dust & Resin
Release Date: Jun 2000
Dimensions: 2.2" h x 2.6" l
2000 Club Redemption Piece

Edition Size: 276

Fab 5 Party Boys

Fab 5 Party Boys

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Secrets:  Wolfie takes the wheel as Harmony Kingdom’s best-known characters take a joyride in a classic convertible. Despite the flat tire, the old car still has some appeal. Lord Byron sips a soda and Bumbles munches a candy bar as the scenery whizzes past. Mad Murphy winks knowingly as he sneaks a fag - he’s supposed to have quit. Tubs the Turtle has buckled his shell on securely, as he hangs on in the far back, pushing up through the canvas top. A birthday cake iced with a large numeral “5” is found inside. A slice is missing from the cake: wonder who took it? On the interior of the Charter Year member version, an unidentified Englishman has fallen victim to the Party Boys’ offensive driving.