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Rear View

Artist: Peter Calvesbert
Item #: CTJRE35
Made In England
Marble Dust & Resin
Release Date: Jan 2019
Dimensions: 2.75" h x 2.5" w


   Signed By Peter Calvesbert


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Secrets:  Ever been on holiday and taken a group selfie? This is exactly what Santa's reindeer are doing this year!

Inspired by our best selling collectible annual Santa piece for 2018, the reindeer seemed a natural progression for my sense of humour! If you already have the Santa piece 'No Charge', you will know that in 2018,the big man himself decided to try a new eco-friendly way of delivering presents - in an electric car. Sadly, he only managed to get just over 100 miles away from the North Pole before needing to re-charge - but who puts an electric car charger near the North Pole?

So the big question on everyone's lips...where were the reindeer? Stuck in their barn, bored and fed up? Apparently not. What would any self-respecting reindeer do when no longer needed by Santa? Go on holiday of course! So here they are, having fun somewhere warm and sunny.

Look carefully at their holiday selfie pose to spot some of their holiday antics and the clamour to get a good spot for the camera.

Inside, you will find their all important insect repellant spray. Reindeer are plagued by mosquitoes during warmer weather and can lose up to 2 pints of blood in 24 hours......I have a feeling they will all be back together again for Christmas 2019!