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Harmony Ball Company Welcome to the products of HARMONY BALL COMPANY, where they bring whimsy and beauty to all that they make and harmony to all that they do.

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Puggy The Pot Bellys are a collection of miniature figurines with secret compartments for storing tiny treasures. The original models are carved at Martin Perry Studios in Gloucestershire, England.
Each is then cast using crushed marble, after which they are hand-painted and tinted. The Pot Bellys series of people and animals bake up just the right combination of warmth and whimsy.
oslmpo Luminiart - Harmony Ball Company and artist Robert Olszewski are pleased to unveil their latest collaboration: hand-carved, highly ornate, illuminated sculptures that are wholly unique and truly awe-inspiring.
Each Luminiart™ sculpture depicts an iconic structure. Crafted in crushed marble and hand-painted and tinted, every piece has a “magical” portal that opens to reveal an ornate interior scene, lit up with twinkling lights.
aqf7 The Good Faerie - The Good Faerie collection of box figurines transports you to a magical world of make-believe. The secret goings-on of faerie life are revealed in each imaginative and colorful piece.
hb20dlrh Chiming Jewelry - The ancient Celts first used chiming spheres as meditative devices. Gently shaking the spheres to create a mystical bell-like sound was a way to communicate with nature. Then in the early in 20th century, a German silversmith found an original Druid bell in an antique shop and recreated the spheres in small quantities.
Harmony Ball Company continues this tradition with individually handcrafted chiming spheres and jewelry. Use them to reduce stress, introduce tranquility and intrigue to your wardrobe, or to carry music wherever you go.