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D Is For Dog D (is for Dog)
Item #: 2012
Artist: Tim Wolfe
Release Date: Mar 2002
Alphabet Series Height: 2 - 3"

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A is for Alligator.
B is for Bear.
C is for . . .

Well, you get the idea. When my children were learning their alphabet, naturally I used animals as a fun way to help them remember the letters. Obviously, I had a lot of fun sculpting my new alphabet series, and just as much fun with the phrases that represent each letter.
When you wonder what wacky wordage the next letter will carry . . . you could catch a clue contemplating the spelling.

D - Dalmatian dogs doing dastardly deeds develop disappearing dots.
O - Obnoxious ostriches, ornery orangutans, or offensive otters outrage oversensitive owls.
G - Greedy gorillas gobbling green grapes grow gigantic gallbladders.