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Just The Right Shoe Nostalgic, fun, and rich with history, Just The Right Shoe by Raine is the premium quality miniature shoe collection everyone's been talking about. If shoes could talk, what stories they would tell. Come stroll through the centuries for tales of glamour, power, or feminine charm, as women have thrown caution to the wind for just the right shoe. Raine is a versatile artist who moves easily from offbeat to elegant without sacrificing artistic excellence.
One of her unique talents as a sculptor is her ability to make us believe her shoe
figurines are truly velvet, brocade or leather. Designed to fit into the palm of a
woman's hand, Raine's delightful shoe sculptures include subtle, sculpted folds
and creases that suggest someone has just stepped out of them after wearing
them to a courtly ball, the opera, or to afternoon tea.
All shoes measure approximately 4 inches from toe to heel.
Attention: Fin-Alley Gifts has discontinued this line. These Are The Pieces We Have Left.
Just The Right Shoe - Retired & Discontinued
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