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The Forest Fawn The Forest Fawn
The red deer have always been associated with the faeries. While these timid creatures are easily startled by every new sight and noise, they do not start in surprise when one of the good folk appears in their forest home. This young fawn was making his way through the heather and woodland flowers when he heard Helleborine's call, and he turns to listen to her voice. She has a task for him where a light footfall is needed, and a gentle disposition. She can trust the Fawn, but the fawn will also have to trust Helleborine, the Reverie of dreams and desires -- Would you?

Made In England
Dimensions: 2.5" h x 2.25" w


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Ancient Scandinavian tales say that four deer browse the foliage of the world-tree, eating away the buds (hours), blossoms (days) and branches (seasons). No wonder artist Robert Glover found the time slipping through his hands when he was making this fawn!