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Isle Of Gramayre at Fin-Alley Gifts
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Isle Of Gramarye - The Avalon Inheritance

Legends of King Arthur are the inspiration for this memorable and magical collection. After Arthur's last battle, he was borne away by enchantresses to Avalon. England then fell into the Dark Ages. Gradually, but persistently, the belief grew that Arthur was not dead but lived still, ready to return to lead his country in the hour of its greatest peril.

To aid the returning Arthur in his task are the treasures of the Avalon Inheritance. These tokens of power are held safe in the keeping of the tree spirits: the hamadryads of the vast forest which once covered most of Britain. Although the ancient trees have now retreated, the spirits that are their essence find a safe haven on the Isle of Gramarye.

Each figurine of the Inheritance is entrusted with one of the treasures. They must keep it safe until the day its power is most needed. They guard it with hidden symbols and secret runes from the ancient Celtic alphabet, and the deep magic that is Gramarye itself.

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