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Birds Of A Feather

 Birds Of A Feather
Rear View

Birds Of A Feather
Artist: Adam Binder
Item #: RWMI
Made In England
Marble Dust & Resin
Release Date: Jun 2001
Retired: Dec 2001
Dimensions: 3.25" h x 2.25" w

3rd Independent Club Members Exclusive

Birds Of A Feather

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Secrets:  The smart and sexy space cat Minx shows her tender side in this Independent Club exclusive. Minx is extremely fond of her canary, Charlie. Even though she brings him along to detect deadly space gases (much like canaries in coal mines), Minx would be utterly devastated if any harm should befall him. And so Charlie is the most spoiled bird in the universe, plumped up with lots of treats. Charlie, however, remains suspicious of a cat’s intentions, and believes she is merely fattening him up for dinner. He holds on to his cage desperately, hanging his “Do not disturb” sign on his door, determined to survive all the perils of space travel. The patches on Minx’s space suit show her shared allegiance to the US and the UK. On the interior is a plaque labeled “HOP 2001” to commemorate the House of Peers organization of authorized independent clubs.