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Cow Town
Cow Town
Cow Town
Artist: David Lawrence
Item #: RW00MA
Made In China
Marble Dust & Resin
Release Date: Jan 2000
Retired: Mar 2001
Edition Size: 6511
Dimensions: 2.4" h x 5.25" l
2000 Royal Watch Redemption

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Secrets:  Living in rustic obscurity, master carver David Lawrence had a bit of trouble getting sufficient reference to make the manatee box figurine. The first version had several errors, the most obvious of which was a bifurcated fluke (two finned tail), which made it not a manatee, but a dugong. Fortunately while in Chicago during the 1998 ICE several HK enthusiasts came to David's rescue and supplied ample missing pieces to the jigsaw. Tribute is paid to them in the enigmatic assorted treasures on the sea bed interior of the box. The jar marked "Pearl Jam" refers to Mike Perlman and the key with "JIM" to Jim Keesler. Of course the Florida Keys are included. The plaster on the tail of one of the manatees is a reference to the dreadful wounds inflicted by the propellers of sightseers, and the bitten propeller inside a symbol of wished for retaliation (this will never come, for the manatee is a placid and loving creature). "Chessie"is a manatee who has achieved fame by swimming up to Chesapeake Bay every summer. "JB Rules" is an accolade to Jimmy Buffett, president of Save the Manatee and popular singer. On the outside of the box figurine, you will see a mirror and comb. These are the traditional "attributes" of a mermaid.