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Pieces Of Eight
Pieces Of Eight
Pieces Of Eight -
Blue Parrot Version
#3564 / 5000

Artist: David Lawrence
Item #: TJLEPA
Made In England
Marble Dust & Resin
Release Date: Jan 1998
Dimensions: 4.25" h x 3.25" w
Limited Edition: 5000

Pieces Of Eight
              Interior With Hat

Pieces Of Eight
           Interior Without Hat

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Secrets:  This box figurine portrays colourful parrots. The interior features a twist off pirate’s hat, and the pirate’s bounty, coins. The acorn is tucked underneath a parrot’s tail. Three distinct colour variations were created though even more colour variations exist: brown, red, and blue. There were approximately 2,500 each of the red and blue versions and very few brown. Some artist proofs were released as well. Each piece is hand-numbered and bears the artist’s monogram. Hallmarks include ©, heart, HBC logo, ed.#, and DL.