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No Charge
Side View

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Rear View

No Charge
Artist: Peter Calvesbert
Item #: CTJSA34
Made In England
Marble Dust & Resin
Release Date: Jul 2018
Dimensions: 2.5" h x 3" l

No Charge
     Signed By Peter Calvesbert

No Charge
             Santa In A Tesla
               Tiny Treasure
         Dimensions: 1" h x 1" l


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Secrets:  What is Santa up to for 2018? He has taken the plunge and splashed out on an electric sleigh. The reindeer have been laid off and two elves have taken their place. Unfortunately, just 150 miles from the North Pole, Santa is out of juice – and beginning to realize there are not too many charging points in the high Arctic.

Inside, Santa is sat in a sports car that he found floating in space! I really enjoyed carving this piece – it made me laugh and
also satisfied my skills for carving tiny intricacies with a sense of humour!

Also included are the secrets EM for Elan Musk who launched the electric powered Tesla car into space. The numbers refer to the
number of days it had been in space when I was carving this piece, the miles per hour at which it is traveling and how many miles
are showing on its mileage counter. In the meantime, I wonder what the reindeer are doing? Watch out for ‘part 2’ of this piece
to find out!