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Rear View

Artist: Peter Calvesbert
Item #: CTJPI32
Made In England
Marble Dust & Resin
Release Date: Nov 2017
Dimensions: 1.6" h x 2.75" w
Fixed Edition: 500


     Signed By Peter Calvesbert


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Secrets:  There is only one thing that stops me from being vegetarian - that is that I love meat, especially bacon. Millie, who errs towards being vegetarian without giving up meat entirely, is not so impressed with my carnivorous tendencies though so in an attempt to win back my daughter's respect, I carved "Hamburger".

I had hoped that carving some cute piglets in a sesame-seeded bun would somehow make me think twice the next time my stomach suggested it wanted a bacon sandwich - early results suggest that whilst my brain has a conscience, my belly does not.... don't tell Millie!

Andrea thinks this should be a black box - I think it is more dark grey!

Carved into the piece are five breeds of pig I came across whilst looking for "models" for this piece - Duroc, Large White, Tamworth, Saddleback and Gloucester Old Spot.

Inside is a carved interior with another tiny piglet, who has escaped the "hamburger".