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Moving House

Moving House
Rear View

Moving House
Signed By Peter Calvesbert

Moving House
Artist: Peter Calvesbert
Item #: CTJBE29
Made In England
Marble Dust & Resin
Release Date: Apr 2017
Dimensions: 3.1" h x 2.4" w

Moving House
                   Side View

Moving House


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Secrets:  Peter Says: I really enjoyed carving this piece and filling it withs lots of animals. It is also significant as the first piece I carved in my new studio and a snake is hidden inside as I would love to encourage snakes into our field where my studio can be found.
Yes, I did really want to call this piece Back Scratch, but that one went with a piece I carved many moons ago! This bear has been hibernating and now needs a good scratch. Not everyone is pleased with his choice of scratching post as it is their home which is leaning and cracking.
The name "moving House" is on the lid, both for the model and because we are in the process of moving house - it should be this year, but progress is slow and we have already been waiting an age!
The heart carved on the trunk is for Don and Lyn Trace, the proprietors of the now closed Earth's Treasures in Spring, Texas, and stalwart supporters of my work. It is so lovely to see them both enjoying retirement and I have very happy memories of my visit to Spring.