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Pot Bellys Harmony Ball at Fin-Alley Gifts
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Pot Bellys The Pot Bellys™ are a collection of miniature figurines with secret compartments for storing tiny treasures. The original models are carved at Martin Perry Studios in Gloucestershire, England.
Each is then cast using crushed marble, after which they are hand-painted and tinted. The Pot Bellys series of people and animals bake up just the right combination of warmth and whimsy.

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Andrew Johnson New Releases
Check out Pot Bellys latest releases on one convenient page.

pbbra2 Baby Animal Pot Bellys
The Baby Animal Pot Bellys long for a family and home of their own. Each of these blue-eyed babies has penned a blues song on the trading cards that come with every piece.

pbhcd2 Historical Pot Bellys
The Historical Pot Bellys highlight key people in history - the kings and queens, artists and thinkers, and everyday men and women who made an impact on the course of world events. Read about each Historical's claim to fame on the trading card included with each piece.

pbkhal Pot Bellys - Key Chains
Beautifully crafted in marble resin, hand-tinted, carefully constructed using durable stainless steel, graphically and conveniently packaged, modestly priced, and depicting an array of famous faces!.

pbppr People Pot Bellys
The People Pot Bellys celebrate diverse occupations in today's specialized world. These amusing characterizations along with the fun fact trading cards delight people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Bachelor The Bachelor Pot Bellys
A live vote helped our bachelor choose his mate. Buffy was the lucky lady selected.
Each piece is a Limited Edition.

pbzow6 Zoological Pot Bellys
Earth is blessed with a dazzling array of creatures, all with their own quirky characteristics. The Zoological Pot Bellys depict some of these unique animals each accompanied by an educational trading card.