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Harmony Kingdom Choose from the enchanting world of HARMONY KINGDOM collectible boxes. These whimsical treasures are the result of a collaboration of artists from England's West Country. HARMONY KINGDOM figurines are cast from a special mixture of crushed marble and resin giving them the look and feel of ivory. They are then individually hand stained and tinted in the old-world English tradition of Cottage Industry Manufacturing. These beautiful boxes will grab your attention and have you searching for the details that cover every square inch of each piece. Each have their own unique name and theme. When you give a gift from HARMONY KINGDOM you are truly giving a magical piece that will enchant and intrigue the recipient.
tjca28 Harmony Kingdom's New Releases
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Caw Of The Wild Harmony Kingdom's Treasure Jests are handcrafted in the English Cotswolds. Every Treasure Jest is sculpted by master carver Peter Calvesbert and is a charming and humorous animal portrayal. These box figurines are ideal for storing tiny treasures. One Treasure Jest is an unusual gift and conversation piece; many make for a fascinating and absorbing collection.
Poppy The Harmony Garden Collection by artistic director, Martin Perry, combines beauty and elegance with humour. Inside these box figurines you can follow the adventures of Lord Byron the ladybug as he travels from flower to flower.
ance97 Harmony Kingdom's Special Editions
Dom (Chef) With the Roly Polys, Harmony Kingdom continues its tradition of detailed and whimsical representations of animals. "These delightful box figurines portray the round and humorous side of life," says company president and co-founder Noel Wiggins. "Each is named in homage to celebrities known for living larger than life, both in character and in stature." Made of crushed marble and resin, the rotund figurines look and feel like antique ivory.
tjzfr The Garden Party
Harry Harmony Kingdom's NetsUKe collection is inspired by Japanese netsuke. These elegant animal figurines share many characteristics with their Japanese predecessors. Both miniature art forms are carved on all sides, combine elegance with whimsy and have the look and feel of hand carved ivory.
hcba Harmony Circus
colehb Harmony Kingdom's Covets - Harmony Kingdom unveils another innovation with Covets.  Covets are a new series of “figurine boxes,” useful and attractive boxes that feature both sculpture and etching. Exteriors and interiors of the boxes feature animals and other objects that are partially incised into the box and partially sculpted in 3-D.
tjtaca Harmony Kingdom's Tapestry - English artist David Winter is the most recent member of the Harmony Kingdom family of carvers, best-known for his whimsical, refined miniature cottages. More recently, David has explored the rich textures and decorative styling of fine European fabrics, resulting in the opulent and ornamental style used for our new Tapestry Collection box figurines. Rich texture, subtle coloration, and intricate patterning combine to create a visual and tactile delight. Each piece, when opened, reveals a simple carved heart. And these creations’ eyes glitter and glimmer with the richness that comes only from genuine black Swarovski crystals.
tj2nra Harmony Kingdom's Two By Two - Harmony Kingdom is proud to introduce the elegant, romantic Two By Two series. The Two By Two are solid figurines of paired animal sweethearts that are made especially to fit together (though each may stand alone). The smooth lines and simple yet graceful design evoke the NetsUKe and early Harmony Kingdom pieces.
tjles04pc Harmony Kingdom's Signature Series - The new Signature Series of Limited Edition Box Figurines showcases the talents of each Harmony Kingdom artist. Each carver is given free artistic reign to create whatever they desire. These bold and often daring designs are then produced in England's Wimberley Mills in low-number editions. The figurines are then carefully hand-painted by village artisans, making each a truly unique work of art.
tjnnma Harmony Kingdom's Nature / Nurture - Nature/Nurture expresses the profound emotional ties between parent and child. Inspired by netsuke art of the Orient, Nature/Nurture captures the tenderness and warmth of family. The touchstone theme of each Nature/Nurture figurine is a quality that all parents endeavor to pass on to their little ones.
Garter Of Eden Picturesque is a collection of crushed marble tile figurines by Harmony Kingdom. Like Harmony Kingdom box figurines, each is exquisitely detailed. Hidden secrets are encrypted into every tile and when viewed together, an endlessly engaging story unfolds. Picturesque tiles may be framed individually or as a set.
rw08pb Royal Watch Membership Pieces
tjiel Harmony Kingdom's Interchangeables - Each individual piece is comprised of three pieces: a head, body and back section. The sections are notched so that you can create your own fantastic beasts by recombining their bodies (like putting the frog’s head on the hippo’s body and topping it off with the turtle’s back to produce a fripportle). Perfect for those with active imaginations!
tjmyleor Harmony Kingdom's Dragons / Mythologicals