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Adam Binder Editions at Fin-Alley Gifts
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Adam Binder Editions - Sculptures
My Sterling Silver and Bronze sculptures are made at the Running Dog Bronze Foundry set in the heart of beautiful North Devon by Dinsdale Petch.
He specializes in lost-wax bronze casting - a wax reproduction of the sculpture is created, given a ceramic shell.
The wax is replaced with molten bronze and an enduring sculpture is born.
At Running Dog Bronze Foundry, centuries of metal-working stretches back in the Petch family to the reign of Henry II.
Brought up to date to combine the art and surprisingly delicate craft with modern methods, the best of the old is alloyed with the best of the new to produce one-off creations.
Adam Binder Editions - Sculptures
Adam Binder Editions - Sculptures
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